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Non Toxic Termite Treatment
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Getting rid of termites, ants and little parasites in your home : foundations, wood, bamboo, rattan, garden.

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New Formula

1 Liter Freemite
200 Liters
(200X concentrated, mix with water)


3rd Generation
16 Active Plant Extracts
Nano-Technology inside
99% Organic
Guarantee 1 Year


Termite Repellent:
pest control & repulse
Termite Barrier:
stop parasites & protect
Termite Insecticide:
exterminate & infect the colony


no need masks or special equipment

Same process as usual
Chemical Terminate Treatments.

60ml / 12 Lt Treatment


product detail

500ml / 100 Lt Treatment

-Building up to 20m2
-50m2 of wood

product detail

5 Lt / 1000 Lt Treatment

-Building up to 200m2
-400m2 of wood

product detail


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Welcome to pest control, wood, bamboo and rattan industries, architects, contractors, retail distributors


Residues of the treatment can be used with a sprayer as Pest Control in your
Kitchen: ants
Bedroom: bedbugs
Garden: parasites

New Concept of Large Span Bamboo Building

The 16m large span bamboo contruction project (33 X 7m) for PT. Tripper in Gianyar, Bali has been fully treated by Freemite anti termite

Freemite treatment workshop in Australia

The Australian Bamboo Society has invited us to lead a Freemite treatment workshop near Byron Bay the 17th of January 2014. Please find more information at http://www.bellobamboo.com/event/workshop-for-organic-bamboo-treatment/

Thanks to Ibu Kat from Bali Advertiser

Thanks to Ibu Kat who is responsible of the GreenSpeak section of Bali Advertiser for her correct explanation about termites and to grant Freemite as the solution to get rid of Termites. Indeed Freemite is at our knowledge the only termite treatment organic and non toxic that is proved efficient by Official tests based on Japan Industrial Standards.

Spiritual Trip to Nusa Penida

The core of our team in Nusa Penida for a spiritual trip few days ago. We shared and prayed in the key balinese temples of Nusa Penida before sleeping together in the famous Pura Dalem Ped all together. An amazing and merited 2 days relax trip after the completion of 11 bamboo buildings and 9 months work.

Drying & Cleaning Bamboo area next our main warehouse in Gianyar

Drying and cleaning bamboo area next our main warehouse in Gianyar.
Each bamboo comes from the best place (depends on the season, altitude, species) thanks to the ancestral balinese knowledge that come to us through oral tradition. An huge and precious knowledge already lost in some other asian countries...Each bamboo is chosen one by one for every purpose of construction before the traditional one month process of preparation. Then they can be treated and used in construction production.

Delmango Project 2012

2012 project for Delmango in Seminyak. Dome 17m diameter and 2,5m skylight. Architect : Pak Ketut Arte. Structural engineer : Eugene Baikoff. In house team of 30 specialized bamboo craftmen topped by a senior onsite team coordinator and a dedicate civil engineer at office.

Bamboo Global Summit in Saigon

Excellent exchanges at the world bamboo summit, Saigon.

Preservation of Bamboo against termite in Africa

Thanks to www.wasmoethwildlife.org CV Alam Senang is building the full bamboo eco resort of the project on an island of the Congo River in the middle of Africa.  More than 40km of bamboos are now on 24/24 process of treatment with Freemite in our new production facilities in Gianyar, Bali. The Freemite team take advantage of this process to improve our anti termite protection efficiency.

Thank You to our New Customers

Thank you to our new customers that choose Freemite to get rid of termites with our non toxic treatment : Hotel Mulia, Sempiak Villas, DelMango Hotel and Villas, Cellular World, Hotel Hawaii, Hotel Sidharta, Villa in Umalas, PT. Tripper Nature, Little Tree, Dua Lighting, Noblis Furniture, PT. Sumiati (Handycraft), Djembe Manufacture

Expo Building Solution for Life (read more)

Our Bali Green Team in EcoSmart / Little Tree, Jl. Sunset Road no. 112X, Kuta.
Invite you from 19th to 22nd April to the Expo Building Solution for Life.

New Distributor in Bali

New Distributor in Bali :
CV. Dana Karya Applicator Distributor, Jl. Tukad Balian Gg. Nuri No. 29, Denpasar, Ph : (0361) 895 6302 / 895 6301
UD. Saba Kimia, Jl. Buluh Indah 99, Denpasar, Ph : (0361) 410662

Green Exhibition in Jakarta

Freemite will be present in Jakarta inside the green exhibition http://greenright.gbcindonesia.org 
from 11 to 13 april 2013.  We will have there a co branded booth with EcoSmart our Bali Green team Cies.
Welcome to share and know more about the latest developments on our organic Termite treatment.

New Office & Labo Freemite

The Team at Freemite is happy to welcome you in our new office
in Jalan Dewi Sri, gang "Kawasaki", Kuta, Bali just 200m from our former workshop and office.

Welcome to our new Distributors

Welcome to our new distributors for Freemite Termite Treatment in Jakarta Selatan with contact person Mr. Ambar Suryo Lelono and also in Tangerang Selatan with contact person Mr. Bharat Kumar Murjani.
We are happy to welcome and help them in our distribution network

Freemite support the planting of 300 Ha of bamboo in Bali

Freemite proudly support the success of the first harvest of bamboo sprout project initiated by Professor Diah Kencana of University Udayana in order to plant 300 Ha of Bamboo in Bali with Bapak Bupati Gianyar (Photo).

Compost : Partnership with ecoBali

ecoBali and Kompos Bali have joined hands to provide you with complete composting systems that suit your requirements, are easy to maintain, and make composting a totally rewarding choice. Freemite is a part of the system as an anti-ant treatment.

Freemite Newsletter 7

Happy New Year 2013!

Freemite Newsletter 6

New Freemite200 is now available !

Freemite Newsletter 5

The test of Freemite made on Termite, Powder Post Beetles and Woodworm that have been performed by the National Laboratory of University Udayana of Bali ( based on SNI and ISO Standards) proves the efficiency of Freemite. Don't hesitate to contact us for the detailed result of the test.

Freemite Newsletter 4


Freemite Newsletter 3


Freemite Newsletter 2


Freemite Newsletter 1


Newsletter 1 Freemite

The test of Freemite made on Termite, Powder Post Bettles and Woodworm that have been performed by the National Laboratory of University Udayana of Bali ( based on SNI and ISO Standards) proves the efficiency of Freemite. Don't hesitate to contact us for the detailled result of the test.

Thanks to our customer Mr. L from Jakarta

“Several months ago I bought Freemite, I congratulate you on a powerful product, I've tried in my own house, for a little over 7 months, the wood that I spread with freemite completely untouched by termites at all,, and if I compare it to my neighbor without using a termite treatment now they have wood consumed by pests, whereas the wood that I use with very low quality (cheap), thanks Freemite for your top product. someday if I have the capital, want to sell it at my house this Freemite product with flyer "SELL ORGANIC ANTI TERMITE PROVEN IMPACT", it's my dream hereinafter.”

Bamboo Structure in Batur

Bamboo structure in Batur, Bali, June 2012. Design by Juan Schlosser.

Bamboo Structure

Structure 100% made from bamboo for a cultural event in Bali. Design by Juan Schlosser (www.nauart.in) All bamboo were treated with Freemite for termite protection.

Children's Environmental and Health Awareness Program

Freemite & Asali Bali our department's of bamboo construction were honoured to be partner of Children's Environmental and Health Awareness Program organized by Role Foundation that is efficient yayasan that we recommend you to support.

Official: Freemite is efficient on Termite, Powder Post Bettle and Woodworm.

At least the answer of one of the most important question about our Organic Termite Protection. The tests made on Termite, Powder Post Bettles and Woodworm that has been performed by the National Laboratory of University Udayana of Bali ( based on SNI and ISO Standards) show an indiscutable efficiency of Freemite. Don't hesitate to contact us for the detailled result of the test. 

Bamboo booth construction in Little tree

A new step of the close collaboration between Little Tree and Asali Bali The Bamboo building departement of our Company. We built booth in Bamboo for The Little Tree Green Expo Center in Sunset Road, Bali in order to receive their new eco friendly partners. The construction is treated by our organic Termite Treatment. 

Our Termite treatment interest the chief of Public Work Department of Bali

Pak Ketut Artika Chief of Public Work Departement of Bali showed his great interest on Freemite as the organic solution for Termite Protection and Pest Control during the opening of "Indonesian Building Technology Expo" in Bali (March 2012). 

FreeMite in Indonesia Building Technology Expo 2012

FreeMite starts its strategic partnership of distribution with Atmos Indonesia at the Indonesia Building Technology Expo 2012.

Manik Organik as a New Distributor

Manik Organik, an organic shop and cafe that sells organic and healthy products, now adds FreeMite as one of their products.

New FreeMite Branch in Jakarta

To support our mission to establish a reliable distribution network in Indonesia, FreeMite organic and non-toxic termite treatment opens a new branch in Jakarta.

FreeMite Was Invited to Participate in APRCC 2011

In partnership with Analytic Laboratory of Udayana University Bali, FreeMite was invited to participate in APRCC 2011 (Asia Pacific Responsible Care Conference) that was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali on 26th - 27th October 2011.

FreeMite100 Was Introduced in Jakarta

FreeMite100 was introduced to some of the member of ASPPHAMI (Asosiasi Pengusaha Pengendalian Hama Indonesia - Indonesian Pest Control Companies Association)
FreeMite100 was introduced as an eco-friendly solution for termite exterminator.

Freemite100 is Now Available

Using nano technology, FreeMite100 has more concentrate that makes it more efficient.
With 12 plant extracts addition, FreeMite100 is very powerful to kill termites.

Official: FreeMite is Non Toxic

We have just received the certificate from the official Indonesian laboratory of the University Udayana that shows FreeMite is  non toxic. Please contact us for a copy  of this certificate if needed.

Consignment Policy for Hardware Stores

Official Distributors of FreeMite can now propose a consignment agreement to their new Hardware Shop customers. Why? Because  it works! In Bali 80% of the Hardware Shops that has accept at no costs the consignment policy became regular and official dealers of the organic termite treatment. An easy proof that freeMite is easy to sell because of its efficiency. To know more please click how to sell more an organic termite treatment

Green Pest Control is a New Friend

Green Pest Control in Canggu, Bali that are parasite exterminator specialists  uses now freeMite as an organic pesticide for houses and garden to complete their range of products.

freeMite20 is now available

freeMite20 is now available in a 20 times stable concentrate formula. Only add 19 Liters of clear water to obtain 20 Liters  ready-to-use termite treatment.

freeMite20 new formula

freeMite20 new formula include an organic anti-bacteria compounant that avoids most of odors. Your termite exterminator treatment is  now free of odors.

Welcome to LITTLE TREE

Welcome to LITTLE TREE. The new and already famous center of green and eco-friendly products in Bali is now official dealer of freeMite in Indonesia. freeMite has been accepted in the catalogue Little Tree after a study of the product manager team of Little tree. You can now  find freeMite termite treatment JL sunset Road 112X, Kuta, Bali.

New for official freeMite distributors

a display made yellow and black bamboo Tali is now offer to any purchase of 70 liters or more of  freeMite termite protection treatment. A  full  display is composed by one container 25L, 2 containers 5L, 20 containers 1L, 30 containers 0,5L). It is a constant goal of our team to improve the marketing of the selected distributors of freeMite. This display include a documentation distributor on fremite termite treatment and increase the sells on more  than 30% (constated on our first marketing tests).