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Non Toxic Termite Treatment
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Getting rid of termites, ants and little parasites in your home : foundations, wood, bamboo, rattan, garden.

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Free Shipping to Java, Bali, NTT and many other Indonesian places for Freemite 500 ml and 5 Liters sample !
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No1 Indonesian Organic Pest Control treatment 200 time concentrate 
Freemite200 is issued from Nanotechnolgy that break the 16 active insecticide components in so little that the power of penetration becomes higher. 
This termite treatment is a Stable Emulsifiable concentrate to be deluted in clear water (non chlorine).

Freemite200 as a Termite Barrier Pesticide has been designed to treat Houses and Garden, Wood, Bamboo, Rattan against insects infestation on the long term. Also efficient against ants and many little parasites.

Non toxic - Accept all kind of finishing - Wash and dillution : water - Don't change the color of the material.
For professional and domestic use.

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