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Non Toxic Termite Treatment
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Getting rid of termites, ants and little parasites in your home : foundations, wood, bamboo, rattan, garden.

Organic Pest Control is a worldwide solution

Freemite Kills Pests and Protects You

Little parasites like termites, ants, powder post beetles and woodworm are generally classified as destroying pests. 

Most of the existing Insecticide treatments are toxic, expensives and efficient only few years. The residues of such treatments is a problem for Nature.

Freemite is a Bio Fine Emulsion termite exterminator designed for houses, garden, wood fibers, bamboo,  rattan,... Freemite combines the effects of salt, neem, chilli and camphor and other 12 plant extracts:

Concentrate Active Substances that Create a Powerful Pest Control

A.   Neem Oil as a Bio Pesticide (Azedarachtin) that 
      has been transformed in a fine emulsion.
B.  Salt usually used as an efficient
      insecticide treatment but not reliable enough if
      used alone
C.  Camphor as a long term termite fumigation
D.  Chili as a powerfull barrier against pests

E.  12 plant extracts that acts a natural pest control

F. A Bio Nano-extender (issued from Nano-technologies) for a better penetration and long term efficiency.

G. Some secrets to allow a very concentrate Formula that contain the above substances.

Bio Pest Control Solution

 How Freemite200 works ?
1.    As a REPELLENT : against common pests and parasites like powder post beetles, termites, ants, mosquitos, woodworms. Freemite is  also efficient to repel most of the little parasites in a garden or a plantation.

2.    As a BARRIER : Act as a frontier. Termites cannot cross so that the treated area cut the way to the queen and disorganize the colony.

3.   As a TERMITE EXTERMINATOR & COLONY ELIMINATION :  Neem and Chili contaminate the pests that cross the treated area by destroying the digestive and reproduction system of the termites. The pests become impotent and the larvaes cannot survive so the colony will be eliminated (Neem effect).

 Freemite as a bio termite treatment does not have yet its equivalent. While salt, neem oil, chili and camphor crystals are as old as the earth, combining their strengths become the repellent and pests protection of choice ie for termites and parasites control.

Direction to use

Freemite is a stable concentrate  Pest Control emulsion. This pest exterminator is very easy to use.
Shake before use. Simply add 200 liters of clear water with 1 liter of freemite200 to obtain 201 liters ready to use termite treatment.
The application for land and house foundations is the same that most of the existing toxic products.

24 hours of full soaking will prevent wood and bamboo poles from powder post beetles and termites for long term.

If not possible to soak :

•    Wood
Spread Freemite with a brush until the wood is saturated by the termite treatment.  If you see holes created  by termites or powder post bettles just inject freemite in the holes with a  sprayer or a neddle. Do it again everyday until no dust come out.

•    Bamboo
Create a hole with a drill between each knot. Inject freemite into each knot, making sure all the inside has been treated. If you see dust on the surface (this is Post Powder Bettle) inject systematically freemite in the hole with a neddle.

Advantage & Safety :

-    Non toxic,  99% organic, no protection needed when application, the treated area can accept all finishing such as paint, varnish, etc.

-   Competitive price with 200 times concentrate

-   Proudly made in Indonesia (Bali). 2/3  days delivery, nearly everywhere in Indonesia

-   Guarantee 3 to 5 years (species of termite that exist in Indonesia, professional,  accordance with the following instructions that we provide clearly and detailed)

-   Can be used for pest control because it works for all little parasites (ants, etc.) and act as an organic insecticide for houses, garden etc.

-   Professional customer  care offers advice and promotion for official distributors

-    Freemite helps to nourish and condition the earth

-    Environmentally stable. No harmful residue

-    Termites or any insect do not develop resistance

-    Act as a reproduction controller. The adults become impotent

-    Safe for human handling

-    Extremely efficient on powder post beetle, woodworm, drywood termite and Formosan Subterranean Termite (FST)

-    Also helps getting rid  of ant, mosquito and more than 500 little parasites.

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