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Non Toxic Termite Treatment
Professional Pest Control Network

Getting rid of termites, ants and little parasites in your home : foundations, wood, bamboo, rattan, garden.


Order Process :

1. Go to page Buy a Sample
2. Select a product and quantity
3. Fill the form. The cost of delivery will be automatically added.
4. Choose your payment system :
    - by check
    - by transfer to BCA or BNI
5. Your order will be process the same day. Delivery in one week maximum (2 days for big cities).

Our customer care team is used  to work at distance with the communication tools of your choice

so that we are able to answer quickly to most of your enquiries.

Confidentiality and respect of your privacy is a commitment of our company
from the customer service to the reliable workers that prepare your orders or the quality control team.
All our suppliers or partners are selected on strict professional and human values
and we always insist on the importance of confidentiality of any information you could  confy us.

We will never give outside any information about you (without your agreement)
We stock on a securised system all informations that are needed for orders.
The payment system that we propose us on the online shop don’t keep your banking information (without your formal agreement)
Except accounting needs we will destroy all your informations if you desire it. Just contact aftersale@freemite.com.

Please don’t hesitate to inform us for any trouble you would experience in this website. 
Just contact webmaster@freemite.com.

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