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Non Toxic Termite Treatment
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Getting rid of termites, ants and little parasites in your home : foundations, wood, bamboo, rattan, garden.

With years I develop an eco friendly life style that naturally came out in my businesses. 
I was previously working with wood furniture and bamboo construction. We had to deal with a termite protection but we didn't accept any toxic treatment. In 2004 our first try was a borax treatment that was satisfiing our needs to kill termites.  But not enough reliable and finally not so eco-friendly. We started a passionate,  long and serious study listening and working with many actors, professionals and chemists. Freemite was born. Freemite200 is the 3rd generation of this product. Side effects of this business have a sense that we share with you : a pest control treatment that also act as an organic insecticide and a nearly 0 foot print carbon business.  Yes we built a team with green consciousness and powerfull solutions.  Now we develop the distribution of Freemite in Indoneia and export.  Please be part of  the spirit, take avantage on many years of professional experience  within the export/import business.  Enjoy our eco-friendly style of performing business in a fair and simple way. Welcome!

Thierry Cayot


Olivia Customer Care

Joining the Freemite team. was such an amazing experience for me.  At first, I was impressed by the experience and the know how of this company as well as the vision and the long term commitment to an environmental goal and be part of something unique where I can help  to rise an eco-friendly and green consciousness to people in a serious and professional organized manner.  I was particularly impressed by the freemite termite treatment, which perfectly represent the company’s vision, with the view to help people solve the problem of termites without harming the environment.  I’m delighted to promote an organic pesticide to the local and international market. I will work hard to take care of any inquiry you submit to us. Together, let’s save our earth to save our children’s life. I will be glad to give you any advice and serve you the best I can.

Customer care

I Made Arto

I am a Balinese living in Belega, Gianyar, Bali, a village that is infamous of its bamboo industry for years. I have been working in bamboo industry for 33 years and have learned about bamboo from knowledge inherited from generation to generation. This valuable knowledge and experience are something that I want to share to everybody through this company. With one vision and mission and together with the amazing team, I determine to develop and promote this company. My dedication to this company is such an experience and a pride for me. I hope we can give you our best.

I Made Arto
Project Manager