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Pengobatan Rayap Tidak Beracun
Jaringan Profesional Pest Control

Menghilangkan rayap, semut dan parasit kecil dari rumah anda : pondasi, kayu, bamboo, rotan, taman

Kill Termites, Protects You!
Termite Protection & Pest Control for Professional

Ingredients : Neem, Salt, crystal of Kamper, Chili, plant based Nano-extender, 12 other plant extracts, Non toxic Surfactants and Spreaders, Water.

Dilution : Shake and add 1 to 3 bottle cups to 1 Liter of water to obtain a ready to use treatment. Or add 200 Liters of water to 1 liter of Freemite200. May become cloudy. Use non chlorine water.

Wash and dilution : Water. Accept all kind of finishing.
For domestic and professional use.
Safety : Non toxic but keep out of reach of children.
If on eyes, skin or clothes, rinse with plenty of water (contain Chili).
Do not heat more than 60 C.

Freemite Professional Direction For Use

Foundation holes, sloof/tie beam : Apply 5 Liters of Freemite200 diluted / linear meter with a sprayer on all the sides of the hole First floor land : Apply 5 Liters of Freemite200 diluted / m2 with a sprayer on all the inside surface before implementing the slab First floor land :
Make a hole 30 cm deep each 30 cm along the outside foundations and drill a hole in the slab inside the first floor.
Apply 5 Liters of Freemite200 diluted / linear meter outside and /m2 inside.
WOOD Prepare a concrete or a sheeting pool to the size of the wood to treat Soak the wood for 24/72 hours (depend on the density of the wood) in a bath of Freemite200 diluted Let dry the wood one day under the sun. It  will accept all kind of finishing Spread Freemite200 diluted with a brush untill the wood is saturated by the termite treatment. You can also profusaly spray Freemite200 with a liquid pressure tool in unreachable parts (i.e. House frame ) Infected column : make 4 holes (each 90 degree) with a drill both at the bottom and the top of the column Inject Freemite200 diluted in each hole until saturated Inject with a needle Freemite200 diluted in each hole of the insect when there is presence of dust (Powder Post Bettle). Repeat everyday until there is no presence of dust.
BAMBOO Prepare a concrete or sheeting pool to the size of the bamboo to treat Make 2 holes between each knot of the bamboo with a drill or make hole inside all inner knots with a long iron stick Soak the bamboos for 6 to 72 hours (depend on the species ) in a bath with Freemite200 diluted Dry the bamboo one day under the sun Make holes between each knot of the bamboo with a drill  Inject Freemite200 diluted with abundance into the holes with a pressure sprayer Inject Freemite200 diluted with a needle in the parasite holes specially when a presence of dust is visible. Repeat this action everyday until there is no more presence of dust.
GARDEN Spray Freemite200 diluted on the back of leaves and roots early in the morning or after 18:00.
It will act as a non toxic pesticide that regulates the parasites. Freemite is also a Plant Booster.


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